Pole-Wrap, Inc.

Pole-Wrap, Inc.

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Pole-Wrap, Inc.

Quick and Easy Basement Renovations

Pole-Wrap, Inc. carries a variety of durable, easy to install pole covers for your basement poles, commonly known or referred to as lally columns. Choose from Red Oak, Cherry, Maple or Paintable MDF finishes to suit any design.

Thanks to Pole-Wrap, Inc. you can beautify your basement with decorative basement pole covers that install in less time than the traditional boxing which can leave sharp corners that can be dangerous. Instead of using a box enclosure created with drywall or wood, the Pole-Wrap, Inc. pole covers wrap tightly around your lally or basement poles, providing a softer round service with no sharp edges or extra added bulk.

Pole-Wrap, Inc. was founded in 1994 by Laurie and Dan Coleman after taking on their own basement remodeling project in their home. Being faced with a common problem homeowners face when remodeling basements, what to do with those unsightly basement poles (otherwise known as lally columns), they created the pole wrap as we know it today; a solution which mimics a classic fluted column. 
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